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From selling a product or subscription, to taking payments for a service, our team can develop the custom eCommerce website solution that's perfect for your business.Our full-service approach allows us to be accountable for your overall success.

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Website Design Service

Website designing is an art which satisfy your client’s requirement .As a web designing company ,it is our responsibility to make that particular design which looks elegant to client’s users and should be user friendly for their users. Our company always use on page S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization) in every design. Now a day’s responsive designing is quite popular among those who want to make website. Responsive design is compatible in all the devices which uses internet.

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mobile apps

Mobile Application is an application(software) which is run in a smart phones. Now a day’s majority of people have smart phone and because of the application benefits such as "faster in use" ,people download applications and it also pushes people to make their own business apps.There are three different type of platform where this application can install and run that are Android, Window and Apple. Android and apple apps are more popular than window apps.

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Software Development

Software is a computer program which ease the work of the company and as well as an individual such as photoshop,tally and etc. And the demand of custom software is increased because of different type of business is being run.So ,according to the demand of customer ,software is developed. There are three different types of software are made these days that are desktop application, mobile application and web application and our make these software .

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When we think to make a website the first thing which comes in the mind is what should be the name of the website and that name is called a domain name. We have to register a domain name to a registrar and the common registrar are bigrock , godaddy, hostgator and other too. There are two type of domain ,one is premium domain and another is common domain. The premium domain are quite expensive whereas common domain are cheaper. Premium domain are auctioned and the cost goes to millions. Majority of people buy common domains.

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Hosting services

Hosting is the space which we have to buy to host our website. There are different type of hosting are 1. Linux Hosting 2. Windows Hosting And there several hosting features such as : 1. Dedicated Hosting 2. VPS 3. Shared Hosting According to the need of the organization , Organization purchase it.Linux Hosting is a cheap way of hosting in comparison to window hosting.Because linux is an open source operating system. Open source means free operation system.But window operating system is paid operating system So window hosting is more expensive.

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marketing services

There are two different types of people who make website ,one are those who make website only to give company's information to their clients and another are those who make website to earn money.Those who want to earn money through their website , they have to promote their website and there are different ways to promote their website such as S.E.O (Serch Engine Optimization) ,S.E.M(Search Engine Marketing),S.M.O(Search Media Optimization ),Video Marketing,SMS Marketing,Email Marketing,T.V advertisement and print advertisement etc.

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annual maintenance charge

when we make website,software and mobile application ,it is companies responsibility to maintain it otherwise it is useless to invest money on applications, so when companies plan to make applications,they have to think that they have to spend money on maintenance too.And because companies are busy to increase their sale. Our company maintain the websites of our clients and there are three different types of maintenances are: 1. Update the content of the website. 2. Debugging the bugs of the website. 3. Re-Designing the website.

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